Saturday 4 August     9am-3:30pm

St Peters Lutheran College Performing Arts Centre

When we see so much wrong in our world and in us, and all seems out of control, how do we keep going? Who and what do we hang on to? Is our only choice to just keep calm and carry on… hoping all will be OK?

Come to GROW 2018 and meet Jesus through the book of Habakkuk. Bewildered by so much that is wrong everywhere, Habakkuk cries to God in protest. God’s answer is unexpected, glorious, and personal. Habakkuk listened. Are we listening too?



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We apologise that, due to factors beyond our control, Talk 2 by Keiyeng Nation was incompletely recorded.  In discussion with Keiyeng, we have decided not to put the partial recording on our website. If you would like to listen to the recording, please email us at and we will forward your email to Keiyeng.  For an outline of Keiyeng’s talk, see below or click here to view and print


Talk 2 – Psalm 94: What do we do with the problem of evil?



Evil is horrific and real; what do we do with the problem of evil?


Part I: The evil out there:

Scene 1 – Engagement through imprecation (Ps 94:1-2, 8-11)

Scene 2 – Engagement through fighting injustice (Ps 94:3-7, Amos 5:21-24)


Part II: The evil right here – done to me:

Scene 3 – Jesus’ holy anger against evil as solidarity and comfort (John 11:32-35)

Scene 4 – God gives us words to use so we can lament to Him fully, and confidently (Ps 94:16-19)

Scene 5 – Because God won’t let go of justice, we can let go of retribution (Ps 94:20-23)


Part III: The evil right here – done by me:

Scene 6 – Jesus forgives our guilt, and takes our shame (Hebrews 13:11-14)



Scene 7 – Take confidence in God’s stunning sovereignty over evil enacted through the cross, and the promised hope of heaven




ABOUT Jenny Baddeley

Jennie Baddeley is married to Mark who lectures at the Queensland Theological College. She studied at Moore College and now looks after her two sons while also serving on staff at Redlands Presbyterian Church. Jennie is looking forward to sharing the powerful relevance of Habakkuk to us as we live for Christ in our world.

ABOUT Keiyeng Nation

Keiyeng Nation studied at Sydney Missionary and Bible College and served alongside her husband Steve at 5:17 Church, St Lucia before moving to St Matthews Anglican Church in Canberra with their 3 kids. Her time at Bible college was deeply formative and healing in the midst of some very rough years of burnout and illness. She looks forward to encountering the majesty of the awesome God of Habakkuk with us at GROW.



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