Join Olivia and Peta as they talk and pray through Hebrews 2

Olivia Tan

Olivia was born in New Zealand but now calls Brisbane home. She is married to Khai and has two daughters, a tween and a teen. She worships at City North Baptist Church. This is her second year as a member of the GROW committee and she loves encouraging women and seeing them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Peta Mullineux

Peta fellowships at Grace Bible Church Logan along with her husband and three children. She home schools her children and supports her husband in the home and in ministry. She loves teaching the truths of scripture to the children in her church combined with a splash of performing arts.

Resources on Prayer

Kevin DeYoung – How to Pray using Scripture.

Very short article with simple, easy to remember and helpful method, giving an example from a Psalm.  3 R’s. Rejoice, Repent and Request. 

Gospel Coalition Blog

For further resources on prayer go to our first Prayer Chat

Peta’s Prayer

Our loving heavenly Father,

We come to you in the glorious name and work of your Son.  This Son who is the exact radiance of yourself. He is the supreme Son who has spoken the better Word and shared the better message. He has authority and supremacy over everything.  There is nothing outside of his rule and reign.  He is the author, founder, pioneer and perfecter of our salvation.  He is our brother, and in him we share you as our Father.  He is a merciful and faithful high priest, and he is the perfect sacrifice for our sins.  He is a partaker in our humanity, truly man, yet truly God.  This Son, your Son is Christ Jesus, and we pray to you in his name.

We come to you and thank you, Father for your kindness in warning us to pay attention to the message of Jesus.  This message is not to be trifled with, but we are to hear it and trust it and savour it above all other messages that we hear. Forgive us Lord for not taking this message seriously.  Forgive us for drifting away and paying more attention to vain and empty messages of the world.  Let us run earnestly to the only One who can save and satisfy us – your Son Jesus. 

Father, as you sent Jesus and used others to spread this great salvation, now also we ask you to use us to share it too. We pray you would continue to bring many sons and daughters to glory – to know you and marvel in your Son.  Save our family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and communities.

Praise you for displaying your grace to us by sending your supreme Son to put on our humanity.  He knew what it was like to live as we do.  He walked on the same ground we tread, he breathed the same air we breathed, he was hungry and thirsty, and tired, and knew sorrow.  He was made like us in every way yet was without sin.  He knew what it was like to suffer temptation and so he is able to help us when we are tempted.  Let us find comfort in knowing this but let us also remember that he came to fix our sin problem.  He came to be the merciful and faithful high priest who would offer himself as a sacrifice before you.  He placed himself in the way of your righteous and fierce wrath, and he shielded us from it, taking it on himself.  We deserve this punishment, but Jesus takes it for us.  Because of this we are now your children!  We no longer need to fear death but can anticipate eternal life with you!  Oh, Father, forgive us for forgetting this great message of salvation.  Help us grasp the incredible reality of Jesus being truly man and yet, truly God.  Don’t let us ignore or neglect it.  But help us fathom the deep mercy and kindness you have shown us in Christ.

You have placed all things under the feet and authority of him. We know this Lord, though we look around and do not yet see the fullness of that picture.  Lord, some of us are scared, fearful, and anxious by what’s happening in our world at the moment.  Sickness, riots, hatred, death, financial disaster, isolation!  Please help us to remember that you have crowned Jesus with glory and honour and that he does rule, and he shall return to mend this fallen world.  Help us to lift our eyes to your supreme and merciful Son.  Let us take comfort and hold fast to him as the pioneer and perfecter of our salvation.

We, without Christ are filled with shame, yet your Son comes and is not ashamed of us but calls us his brothers and sisters.  He reveals your glory to us and makes us part of your family.  We ask you then, Father, to grant wisdom, grace, and endurance for our churches. As we prepare to meet back please help us to consider one another and point each other to your Supreme Son.  Help our pastors and elders as they continue to serve you and your church faithfully.  And let us be women who cling to this great salvation of Jesus tighter than anything else. 

We worship you, Father.  In the name and work of your son Jesus.  Amen.