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SPUR 2019 – Spirited Ministry

Making the decision to move toward vocational ministry was a process our speaker (Tony Rowbotham) needed the wisdom and perspective of experienced people. It wasn’t an obvious decision. Attending SPUR each year while working helped him think through ministry as a future option in a ‘sober-minded’ way. 

Considering ministry as a vocation is an important, exciting and many-layered decision. At SPUR we’ll be encouraged to rethink and re-examine how a Spirited ministry should lead to a spirited ministry. As we sit under God’s Word, we hope this helps you better know your place in God’s plans for the world.

Tony is the founder of the AFES group at Griffith University on the Gold Coast, and the Deputy National Director for AFES.


Full-time: $140

Part-time (one night, 3 meals): $110

Saturday visitor: $75 full / $65 for students.


Registrations for 2019 are now open.  Register on eventbrite through the link below.



Camp Panorama, Mount Tamborine

This years SPUR conference will be at the Mount Tamborine site, staying at the Camp Panorama site.

You can find more details on the location here.


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