Join Robyn and Chris as they chat about Hebrews 3

Robyn Bain

Robyn serves on the GROW committee and belongs to Coorparoo Presbyterian Church. She writes a lot and delights in being serious and silly with her husband Andrew (Queensland Theological College) and her two girls. She loves that because of Jesus we can draw near to God ‘with our hearts sprinkled clean from an evil conscience’ (Hebrews 10:22).

Chris Keith

Chris is married to Terry and they attend St John’s Anglican Church in Wishart. They have three adult children and four grandchildren. Chris often travels to country towns and remote communities to share God’s Word and encourage women to trust Jesus completely no matter what situation they are facing. When she has time to relax, she enjoys cryptic crosswords, cross-stitch and photography. She loves the fact that Hebrews calls us to fix our eyes on Jesus. (12:2)

Suggestions for Digging Deeper

  1. Read through Numbers chapters 13 and 14 (Exodus chapters 14-17 also provide some good background).
  • What do you notice about God’s character and what he does for the Israelites?
  • How do the Israelites respond? In what specific ways do they rebel?
  • What does the writer to the Hebrews say God has done for us in Jesus (chapters 1-3)? What does this tell us about his character?
  • How then should we respond to him? How should we be different to the Israelites? What resources do we have to help us trust God and not harden our hearts? How can we encourage one another to resist the deceitfulness of sin?

2. Read on further through Hebrews

  • In what ways does the writer both encourage and warn the Hebrew Christians? Be specific.
  • How do the writer’s encouragements and warnings fit together?
  • How will you remember and speak these encouragements and warnings to yourself and others?

Some Helpful References on Hebrews

Starting Out

The Majestic Son: Reading Hebrews Today by Peter Adam

The Message of Hebrews (Bible Speaks Today) by Raymond Brown

Hoping for Something Better: Refusing to Settle for Life as Usual (10 Studies on Hebrews) By Nancy Guthrie with Joni Eareckson Tada

From Shadows to Reality (10 Bible Studies on Hebrews) by Joshua Ng

God’s Glory Alone: The Majestic Heart of Christian Life and Faith by David VanDrunen

Going Deeper

The Epistle to the Hebrews by F. F. Bruce

  • Best borrowed from a library or friend but also available on Kindle

A Commentary on the Epistle to the Hebrews by Philip Edgcumbe Hughes

The Perfect Saviour: Key Themes in Hebrews by Jonathan Griffiths

Hebrews: An Anchor for the Soul (Vols 1&2) by Kent Hughes

Some Useful Application Questions for Hebrews

How does this passage in God’s Word lead you to praise and thank him?

How does all God has done in and through Jesus change you?

  • How does it comfort you?
  • How does it warn you about your sin?
  • How does the passage change what you think, love, want and grieve?
  • How does this passage change what you do each day?

How does this passage shape and encourage your thinking about your church?

What is something from this passage you can share with someone else?

What does the passage say to someone who has never trusted Jesus before?

Is there a verse or section you’d like to memorise?

Chris’ Recommended Hymn

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