Join Olivia and Heather as they chat about Hebrews 4, rest, and prayer

Olivia Tan

Olivia was born in New Zealand but now calls Brisbane home. She is married to Khai and has two daughters, a tween and a teen. She worships at City North Baptist Church. This is her second year as a member of the GROW committee, and she loves encouraging women and seeing them grow in their relationship with Jesus.

Heather Reid

Heather is a mum, grandma and former physiotherapist.  Her long-term passion has been helping women grow in Christ.  Currently she is serving alongside her husband Andrew at the Evangelical Theological College of Asia in Singapore.  Heather loves Hebrews 4 as it reminds her of her conversion at the age of 9 when she went from an angry rebellious girl to one who found rest for her soul.

Heather’s Prayer based on Hebrews 4

Lord we are so tired

So worn out by the daily challenges of this difficult year

So exhausted from fear and pain

Every day brings bad news

As we hear of the COVID Crisis around the world

we fear for the health of loved ones who live in places where COVID infections are growing

We fear for friends and relatives in Victoria

For the growing numbers in NSW, New Zealand and beyond

For jobs lost and for those facing financial ruin

 And we yearn for the day when this will all be over

When the breath of a friend will no longer be a threat

When death no longer stalks the unprotected and vulnerable in our land

We yearn for the easing of restrictions

For the opening of borders within our country and the world

For the freedom to work and to travel once more

And the freedom to meet with those we love

Every day builds insecurity and change

Every day strips us of our confidence in the future

Every day seems to bring new pain.

We yearn for a break

For rest from the responsibilities and fears that life brings

We yearn for more than physical rest

We yearn for spiritual rest

for security,

for security with you

Thank you that you know us inside and out

You know our fears and our pains

Our insecurity and exhaustion

And we praise you that you are a God who speaks

Thankyou that in your written word you convict us and guide us

And that in Jesus, your living word

 you rescue comfort and support us

Thank you that although you are a sovereign God

a creator God

you care for us

Thank you that you sent son Jesus as a your great high priest

To mediate between us and you

To bring us back into relationship with the God of the whole earth

And thank you that in giving us Jesus the son of God,

you gave him to us as a man

A man who understands all that it means to be human

A man who understands temptation

A man who understands what it means to be tempted not to trust in the goodness of you

our Father God

Thankyou despite the temptation to doubt

Jesus continued to trust and to obey

Thankyou that because of his obedience

We are able to approach you,

the sovereign God of the world

With boldness

And to receive mercy and grace to help us in our time of need

Thank you for Hebrews 4 and the assurance that it brings

 that rest from the weary work of our lives remains for those who trust in you

We pray that you would give us confidence in you

That we would trust the fragility of our lives to you

Thank you for the words of Jesus in Matthew 11

28 Come to me, all who labour and are heavy laden,

 and I will give you rest.

And for the reassurance of Revelation 14:13

Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord …they will rest from their labors,

We thank you for hope in the present

 and a sure and certain hope for eternity

Help us to remember that we are not alone

That rest is to be found in trusting in your promises

Help us not to be like the Israelites who doubted the goodness of God

Who trusted in their own fears

and wandered and died without the comfort of your rest.

Help us instead to embrace the freedom you offer so freely

And rest in the knowledge of your mercy and grace

Help us to hear your word and to obey it

To believe in your Son Jesus and to trust in his work for us on the cross

Help us to give up our useless anxiety and striving

And to rest comforted in the knowledge of your eternal rest on offer

As we live our lives in the midst of weariness and challenge

Give us the wisdom to see our lives as you see them

From an eternal perspective

As the writer of Hebrews reminds us in chapter 12

Let us run with endurance the race that lies before us,

keeping our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of our faith.

For Jesus lived his life with his eyes fixed on the joy that lay before him,

And this enabled him to endure pain greater than we face

And shame beyond measure

So that we might join him in his heavenly kingdom before the throne of God.

Thankyou that because of Christ we are not alone in the midst of life’s trials

Give us faith and obedience to follow him and learn from him

We pray that you would comfort our weary souls

And teach us to rest in you