GROW 2021- August 7 - St Peter's PAC Indooroopilly

Celebrating 10 years of GROWing in 2020

We can’t have a face to face GROW conference in 2020. But that won’t stop us encouraging each other to keep growing and keep going by fixing our thoughts on Jesus. 

Tune in now to ‘GROW Chats 2020’ — short interviews with local Christian women. Each Saturday from May 23rd to September 5th we’ll release chats about a chapter of the Bible (Hebrews Chapters 1-4), prayer, songs, books and life in Christ.

GROW Chats 2020 is for all women everywhere. Listen while you walk, work or rest.  Then chat to someone at home, church or next door about what you hear.

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Listen to our Hebrews 1-4 audio recording

GROW Chats 2020 – Spotify Song List

Listen to each episode and read the episodes notes here:

Bible Chat - Hebrews 1
Prayer Chat - Hebrews 1
Life Chat - Hebrews 1
Song Chat - Hebrews 1
Bible Chat - Hebrews 2
Prayer Chat - Hebrews 2
Book Chat 1
Song Chat - Hebrews 2

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GROW is a day conference that brings women of all ages, stages and backgrounds together to thrive on God’s word.

Our prayerful desire is that the GROW conference will strengthen local churches as they grow and reach the lost through:

  •  Gathering women from across many QLD churches face to face, under Christ-centred expositional preaching,
  •  Encouraging each woman, from the not-yet believer to the mature believer, to grow up into Christ, trusting in His death and resurrection and joyfully pressing on towards her heavenly   prize in Him,
  • Modelling the living out of eternal doctrines in all relationships, and equipping women to encourage others to grow up into Christ too.

(Col 2:6-7, Phil 3:14, Titus 2:1-5, Eph 4:1-16).

GROW Stories

Tanya’s Story

Growing up my Grandmother was my only Christian influence. When my son was born in 2006 my husband became a Christian and I wasn’t too pleased about this. Over the next few years I started to meet more and more Christians through my husband until I became friends with a Christian couple who were neighbours and who really wanted to read the Bible with me. I started to realise God was my loving Father. Naree, my neighbour, invited me to GROW 2010 and in that room, along with hundreds of other women singing ‘By Faith’, I thought ‘yes, I want to be a part of Gods family’, and I knew that God had chosen to love me in Jesus. I encourage everyone to come to GROW 2019 and bring friends! (Tanya, Glasshouse Mountains)

The story of GROW’s impact on one church

“As I look back at the time since the GROW last year, I can see how the Lord has indeed grown our fellowship, our connection to one another and most importantly our love and knowledge of our precious Lord. I’d have to say your conference has indeed achieved its purpose in growing godly women.” Tracey Hutley, Arundel Presbyterian Church

Over 40 women from Arundel Presbyterian Church, from late teens through to senior members, were encouraged at GROW 2019. 

Several weeks later they held a…

‘Keep Growing Night’ to share what they’d learnt from 2 Timothy during GROW 2019. Several women spoke about how those lessons had impacted their love for Jesus. 

Later in the year they held a ‘Keep Growing Book Discussion’ on two books from the bookstall at GROW (‘Suffering Well’ & ‘Plugged In’). 

How wonderful to see the way God is using GROW to grow women and churches! 

GROW loves partnering with churches year after year

“We like sending women of all ages to GROW as it gives them an opportunity to enjoy fellowship in the Lord together whilst growing around God’s word.” (Heather Meadows, Grow Team Central Church Ipswich.)